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Truth or Dare for English Language Learners was nominated for the 2012 ELTon Award for Innovation in Learner Resources. The ELTon Awards is a program of the British Council designed to "recognise and celebrate innovation in the field of English language teaching," Nominated ESL and EFL learning resources are assessed on the basis of three criteria: innovation, practicality and effectiveness.

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Education: Please indicate the highest level of education completed

I flubbed up big time when concocting the education question, allowing multiple responses when I should have kept things like high school and Ph.D.'s mutually exclusive with the underlying assumption that if you have a graduate degree you probably finished high school. As a result some of those with higher level degrees probably also indicated each step along the way resulting in 155% response rate. As a consequence, it is impossible to tell exact demarcation lines. We can, however, conclude that as a whole, respondents were a well edu-ma-cated bunch.

Nine percent reported having taken multiple degrees with seven percent having Ph.D.'s. This is probably accurate with no double counting. As we move down the scale of educational attainment the probability of double counting increases. So while just under 40% of respondents reported earning a Masters degree, as many as seven percent may have gone on to get that doctorate while still failing to READ THE QUESTION CAREFULLY! Chances are the amount of double counting is not that excessive but we will never know for sure.

An additional 43% were in possession of a Bachelors degree. Twenty-five percent indicated high school as the highest level of education completed though I have no doubt that at least some of these neglected to read the question closely enough.

Just 32% percent reported having a TESL/TEFL certificate of some kind which strikes me as somewhat low. This suggests that those who did read, understand and answer the question with precision may have omitted this option.

Even though the question was probably clear enough the mechanics of answering were ambiguous resulting in less than perfect data. In retrospect the whole question of certification programs should have been separated out into a distinct query. What can I say? Doh!

High school 
TESL/TEFL certification 
Bachelors Degree 
Masters Degree 
Multiple Degrees taken